A, F & M

A, F, & M: Anticipation, Familiarity & Memory


MEMORY: The past

When I Directed my first play in 1977, I was introduced to what would become “My Mistress, A Love Affair,” for which I would be “Faithful, Caring and Aware” of her needs for the next 25 years.

When we would meet from time to time, I would prepare for months, so I would unselfishly be equipped to attend to her Needs. Her ‘Faithfulness and Loyalty’ depended on my “Creativity” to meet and satisfy HER needs to…

…”ANTICIPATE” and wonder what was to come.
have “FAMILIARITY” and be comfortable in order to Trust.
and for HER to have a “MEMORY” of what once was.

A,F & M is the Bond between the Character and the Audience, they are the “CORE” elements of “Human Behavior,” BUT they are also the “Three SINS” of the “Selfish Actor” whose only concern is their OWN feelings not their Partner’s during the ‘Love Making.”
“It is a Sin, if the Actor Anticipates and it is also a Sin if their Character DOES NOT.’
For the Actors and Filmmakers, there is only “One Audience,” because they all share the same “Needs” of A, F & M.

A, F & M are the Parents of “FACEBOOK” whose ‘Genius’ ‘ANTICIPATED,’ was ‘FAMILIAR’ and had an astute ‘MEMORY’ of the Desires and Needs of “HUMAN BEHAVIOR.”