a “Machine” V’s a “Vehicle”




A “MACHINE” (movies, etc.) is an “Apparatus” with “Moving Parts, “MACHINERY” (actors, crew, etc.). “Assembly Line” (casting, agents, managers, etc.), assemble the “Moving parts.”

The “MACHINIST” (Director) operates the “MACHINE” and “MACHINERY” to create a “MECHANICAL FORCE” (audience). The “Architect/ Designer” (writer). The “Energy/Fuel” (money) to run the “MACHINE” and it’s “MOVING PARTS” (Producer).
When the “MACHINERY” AND “MACHINIST” knows and does it’s “OWN JOB,” the “MACHINE” runs “Smoothly.” If “ONE PART” becomes or thinks it’s “More Important’ than the “other Parts,” the “MACHINE” becomes a “VEHICLE” (for that one part), unable to run Smoothly and become a “MECHANICAL FORCE.”

The Solution, “Do “YOUR” Job, The “Breakdown Today,” no one really knows “THEIR” Job. It’s “NOT” what’s being “TAUGHT.”

CLINT EASTWOOD’S Insistance on “Everyone doing their own job,” has made him one of the most “Successful” and “Prolific” Directors of his generation. His movies are not only “Watchable,” but “Re Watchable,” to him a “Nut & Bolt” are as important as the “Piston.”