A page from my ‘New Book,’ The FILM ACTOR: “Doing Nothing”

“Perfection is ‘Boring,’ one who strives to be ‘Perfect’ is even more Boring.”
AMATEUR Vs PROFESSIONAL (for the Film Director, “Amateur” is better):

“Genius” I believe grows out of us, but it has a ‘dead line,’ a ‘stopping point,’ when it can no longer become apparent and that ‘stopping point’ is…”the Child grew up, became an adult, a professional.

“Genius” I also believe is a child and it picks it’s ‘play dates’ with other Children, both play in the “Red Zone,” that place of urgency where they either “score” or “come up short,” neither of which matters to them, it is the “playing” that is most important. The “fear” of “looking foolish,” has not yet injected it “toxic venom.”


“Genius in Children” does not ‘ripen,’ it grows out IT like their clothes.


“Experience” over cooks “Innocence,” what was once ‘raw’ and ‘pure’ is gone. The “Amateur” has now become a “Professional,” follows rules, etc. The “glitches,” (the gold) is now gone. What was once “nuances” is now “Perfection,” what was once a “raw Artist” is now a seasoned “Professional Actor,” predictable. They “Perfected their way right into “Artistic Boot Hill.”

I cannot recall any “Genius” whose “Artistic Wisdom” in the history of our world “followed rules” and was a “Consummate Professional.”


“Professional Actors” may be right most of the time, but how they “Speak to their Audience” is often too ‘one sided.’ They “HESITATE,” they “Pull Back” striving to be “Perfect.”

“Training the Amateur Actor” is a ‘double edged’ sword, it “Carves” as well as “Kills.” “ACTING” is not a “Profession,” it is a “Creative Journey” that has no “Destination,” and like all Children, it’s only concern is to “Have Fun” and “Pretend” only ‘Pretend” to be “a “Grown Up.”

For the Actor:   “Seek not Water, Seek Thirst.”
Kahlil Gibran