“A Prelude to GROWTH, the Beginning of NEWNESS.”

To INTELLECTUALLY Understand ONE thing fully, Through and Through, you Understand EVERYTHING.

To PHYSICALLY Master ONE thing fully, Through and Through, you Master EVERYTHING.
When you try to Understand Everything, you will NOT Understand ANYTHING.
When you try to Master Everything, you will NOT Master ANYTHING.

What is that “ONE THING,” that ONE THING that helps you make “Your Own Way,” to Rely on No One, or ANYTHING, that “ONE THING” you must fully “UNDERSTAND and MASTER?”


“This is How We Began and this is How We Live in this World.”
Shunryu Suzuki

The world is NOT Changing, we are Changing, we are Relying on and Dependent on Others and Things. “EMPTINESS” merely means, “YOURSELF.”

When we begin AGAIN to Rely on our Own Mind and our Own Physical Body, as Our Ancestors did, Our Country will once again recapture it’s “CONFIDENCE.”

BULLIES are Aggressive because they Sense “A Lack of Confidence” in others and just as quick, they are rendered Helpless when in the Presence of “SELF CONFIDENCE,” this will only happen when we Eradicate the Decease of ” POLITICAL CORRECTNESS,” which is much more dangerous than “GUNS.”

If you possess “Self Confidence” you won’t need to use your GUN. Only a Moron will challenge Self Confidence, and all it takes is for Self Confidence to “Flinch” and the next thing you will see is “the back of the Moron’s Ass in Flight.”
Just my Opinion.