“The Fault dear Brutus, lies not in the Stars, but in Ourselves we are Underlings.”



(That’s a worn out quote we’re familiar with, too bad we never learn to “Heed” it).


There are many ways to Break one’s Spirit, “Name calling” is one of them. That “Cruelty,” we learned at “Recess,” in the “School Yard.” But now we’re all grown up, there is no more “School Yard,” “Recess,” it’s “The Real Thing” now.



The Mind seeks Energy, that is it’s purpose, when Open, there is Light, when Closed, there is Darkness. It is full of “Preconceived Ideas, Subjective Intentions and Habits.”



When we listen to someone talk, we should listen with “Open Mind,” not “Closed Mind.” With Closed Mind, we blame others, with “Open Mind” we turn our “Intention “Within,” it sheds light on our “Own Shortcomings” not others. Name calling is an indication of a “Dark Mind.”



Our “Presidential Candidates” are Gladiators, name calling is their “Swords, Jabs, left Hooks, Combinations,” it is their only weapons that they can use on each other, it is their job to do Battle, not ours. Our job is to “Sit, listen and Watch” with “Open Mind,” not “Closed Mind.” One will “Fall,” one will “Remain Standing,” Who and How rests on “Their Skills,” not “Our Opinion


“Quiet Support” is Our own Energy that seeks and finds it’s Target, “Name Calling” is ‘Blind Hatred” “Subjective Opinions” that never reach the Target, it remains in “Closed Mind.” Opinions are like “Flashlights,” they can Shed Light or Darkness, depending on which “Mind” they come from. “Name Calling” benefits no one except the “Name Caller.” Remember, they’re “Up There,” taking the shots, (they must possess something that got them there), we’re home sitting on our Asses, “Know it All’s,” like Monday night Football.



So when we go to Vote, we should bring our Flashlights, but first we must “Check the Batteries.” We “NEED” the light of an “Open Mind.”



“Cut them some Slack,” they’re all “We Got” and “We’re all they Got.”