…is the best way I can explain an “AUDITION,” what they (casting) want (words), they try to “flush out”of (actor), what they need (behavior), goes “down the drain.”

There are “two factors” responsible for this, the ‘Casting’ “LISTENS,” the ‘Director’ “WATCHES.” But, the fault lies with the “Auditioned” and the “Auditioner,” neither is aware of what the “Camera” (audience) does…it “Hears” what it “Sees.” When the Actor learns to “See” what’s in front of them, the “Camera” will begin “Listen.”


“ROMANCE,” it’s what the “Eyes” do, not what the “Mouth” says. it is that “STARE,” that cannot be controlled, until the “Looking Away” reveals what “Both” struggle not “to say” or “to say.” In a “Romantic” situation, “Words” will kill the “Passion.”

Dialogue to a Director is what a Formula is to a Scientist, until it is “Simple.” “Minimal” & “Direct,” “Nothing” is solved, the “Audience” will not get it.
Today the Actor in one way or another, has to “Pay” to audition, right down to purchasing (on line) what they used to get provided for them free “SIDES” (words).

Today “STRUGGLING ACTOR,” is a fancy word for “ATM Machine” providing “Jobs” and “Income” for that which, in most cases, is NOT needed. The “STRUGGLING ACTOR” brings with them to an Audition, those “Little Gold Nuggets,” that unfortunately gets “Flushed Away” unnoticed due to the “Lack of Notoriety.”

The unnoticed “STRUGGLING ACTOR” is an “Artistic Tragedy.”