…is Not the result of “Quitting,” it is the tragedy of “Quitting on One’s Self.” If the “Struggling Actor” becomes one, here is the reason why
“The fewer ‘Negative Messages’ one get’s from ‘FAMILY, FRIENDS & LOVED ONES, the ‘MORE’ they can withstand from the Outside.”

Strangers (the “Hollywood Gatekeepers”) are Not the Actor’s Enemies, it is when those Strangers become “Family, Friends OR Loved ones,” (whether “Real” or ‘Imaginary”) begins the “Demise of one’s Focus.” ‘FOCUS,” therefore is the Actor’s only “Friend” and they must live by the Code…”What do I Want and What am I Willing to Do, to Get it.” All the training in the world won’t add up to a “Hill of Beans,” until this is “Taught, Understood, Trusted & Practiced.”

There is an old ZEN saying…”when you meet the Buddha on the Path, Kill him.” This is comparable to the paradoxical line in “The Godfather” movie…”keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” Which means, learn how to: “Watch,” how to “Listen,” how to be “Silent & Secretive.”

Acting Classes waste too much Time and waste too many Actors on their “Homemade Exercises,” before they “Prepare the Actors” and Arm them with the “Weapons” to survive the onslaught of “Negative Criticism,” Not from their “Peers” or the “Gatekeepers,” but from the “Wannabe Do-gooders,” “Family, Friends & Loved Ones.”

“Too many WORDS will Destroy One’s Focus.”