“Nature is not a ‘Work of Art,’ because ‘Nature’ changes and a ‘Work of Art’ does not change, therefore, a Tree is not a ‘Work of Art’ but, a Photograph of a Tree IS a Work of Art.”

I’m not getting Political and I’m not a Trump fan but, here’s a “hypothetical example” why he’s winning and is going to win.

Voters are like a “Filmmaker’s Audience,” because they’re “Real People,” the real thing. Like voters go to the polls, when the audience goes to the theatre, they ask for four things:

1-If you tell me a story, “Do Not LIE” to me and “Do Not BORE me.”
2-When you present your “Characters” to me, they must have “Likability & Danger” simultaneously.

Unlike the others, including Romney and those Other Two, This guy got all four.

If your project lacks “Danger,” you’ll “LOSE” sure ‘n’ hell. He’s got what it takes to be a “Film Director,” who will do whatever it takes to win his or her Audience


That doesn’t make them (and him) “Right or Wrong,” it’s just the “Genes” in their Passion. It’s going to take an “Act of God” to beat this guy, not because he’s something special…it’s because the Audience/Voters have “Responded & Reflected.” With the other ones, they’re just “Reacting.” and that’s NOT what an Audience is supposed to do.
This proves, there is just a Fine Line between “Art & Reality.” if you understand Reality, you’ll understand Art.