There are three steps to a “Creation” or the levels of “Creativity.”
1st—To become “Completely Aware Ourselves,” so we may emerge from “Nothing.”
2nd—To Act, Do, Prepare, Produce, Pratice.
3rd—To Create something within ourselves, such as, Art, Culture, Education.

If the “1st” is forgotten, the the other two will be lost, like children without their Parents. The “1st” is the Pre-wiring for the “Activity of Creativity.” It is the Average, the Mediocre who begin the “2nd and 3rd” only. To forget or begin without the “1st” is what Creates the problems in “Creativity” and is also what Creates the problems in the World and it’s Societies.

The “Past” is to be Reflected upon, the “Future” is to work on something “New,” the “Present” is to become completely Aware of “Who” we are and “What” we are, that way “Looking Back” will be “Looking Forward.”
A “PROMISE” is part of the Future, a reality that does not yet exist, therefore it becomes part of the Past, a reality that no longer exist.

Marlon Brando called Acting, “Lying,” and there wasn’t anyone better when he wasn’t “Lying,” unfortunately, he “Lied” a lot.

When someone (especially a Politician) looks us in the eye and says…”I promise you NOTHING,” we are looking back at something that is “Completely Aware of Itself,” they are emerging from “NOTHING,” and we are looking back at “The Real Thing,” we are in the presence of a “JOHN WAYNE,” the only Actor who never got caught “Acting.” He Promised “NOTHING” and delivered, ” EVERYTHING.”

Is there a John Wayne among any of them?