“AUDITIONS” an unpredictable event


“AUDITIONS” A fancy word for “Life’s Unpredictable Events.”


It is synonymous with Acting and that is the first mistake the Actor makes. Thinking it takes, Talent, Skill, Experience and Ability, nothing could be more further from the truth. “Events” are not something we do, they are something that happens to us.


Successful people have one thing in common, they have a “Light Within” that shines “Outward.” Although Success doesn’t necessarily mean “Fame & Fortune,” it is though, one of the perks. Success means someone or something has “Flicked a Switch On” inside you and it is that “Light” that emanates outward.


That “Switch” is your “Inner-Energy,” thoughts from past events, either “Dark or Light” depending on which one you “Cling To.” It is that “Light” that determines one’s “Successes or Failures,” in each and every event they encounter. When that “Light’ is Off, what one possesses cannot be “Felt.” One must “Push & Force” to prove one’s ability.


When it is “On,” it Shines, it “Lights Up” the event, there is no need for “Pushing & Forcing,” one has succeeded because one has been “Admired & Envied.”


A “ROMANTIC ENCOUNTER” is the “Ultimate Event,” nowhere and at anytime is one’s “Light” so vital, “Everything” depends on it. When the Actor thinks of the Audition as “A Romantic Encounter,” that Switch will “Automatically and Immediately” turn to “ON,” in that Event, one will “Reach Deep,” for those resources needed to capture another’s “Heart.” After all, isn’t that what life is about, isn’t it “Nature’s Intent.”


When one stops worrying about being “Judged” by others, one will find that “Switch” themselves, dim it up, not down, the Audition/Event will “Light Up.” The Actor will no longer be “Judged,” at their “Event,” they will be “Noticed” and “Remembered,” not because they were “Good,” but because they were “On Fire,” and nothing “Burns Brighter” than “A Flame.” If you don’t believe it, look up, the “Sun” will remind “US.”