AUDITIONS: success or Failure

AUDITIONS: “Success” or “Failure”

Being of the wrong “Ethnicity”, “Gender,” “Age” or “Race,” is not a “Failure” in the “Audition Process.” If the Actor meets the “Type,” there are only “Three Possible Reason” for Failure:

ONE…when the Actor is incapable of “Spontaneous Expression” and becomes discouraged, thinking it is a “Lack of Talent.”

TWO…the Actor who is capable of it but, create a “Habit” of relying on the “Spontaneity”


THREE…when the Actor’s “Natural Impulses” are Unavailable and their “Feelings” Contained, they are “Destined” not to have “SPONTANEITY” and NOT to have “FUN.”

When the “Actor” is “HAVING FUN” and their “Character” is seriously going about their business, this “Simultaneous Achievement,” changes “Minds,” “Choices” and “Preconceived Ideas” on the part of those who “Sit in Judgement.”

Those “Spontaneous Moments” of “Having Fun” off “Camera” is what the Actor must bring “To the Camera.”

“HAVING FUN” is the “SOUL” at Play” and in those moments, other “Souls” join in the “Fun,” and when the Actor realizes this, “Auditions” become “Recess.” PROOF: visit a “Dog Park.”

Learning “Technique,” “Skills” and “Showing Off “Talent” is minor, least important compared to bringing “Ninety Percent of Yourself” to the “Character” but it is the “Toughest Thing” for the Actor to learn, because it is the “First Thing” the Actor “IGNORES.”