For the Actor, there is “Great Power” in Self-Realization…
…they either continue with the “BULLSHIT” or they “Kick the Shit out of the Bull,” but there is one “Certainty,” they both “Hurt.” the former dictates, “ATTITUDE & BEHAVIOR,” the latter “Changes” it.

One dictates “Self-Consciousness,” the other, “Self-Confidense,” either “Amateur” or “Professional.” For the Actor “ATTITUDE & BEHAVIOR” on an “Audition” is the underlying “Power,” that determines “Success or Failure.” It Over Shadow’s “Talent & Skill.” it influences the room’s “Energy.”

Why? Those “First Moments” are “Reality,” the “Mask” goes on and the “Real Thing” leaves the Room. So, for the Actor or Non-Actor, one thing is certain, both must face the “Bullshit” in others, that’s why it is vital for both to recognize it in “Themselves” first.

Acting is not a “Craft,” to learn, it is the “Study of one’s Self,” first, in order to “Transform” one’s own “Limitations & Capabilities,” into another’s “Limitations & Capabilities.” It is not the Actor’s “Glibness” that attracts the audience, it is their “Effortlessness” portraying the “Character’s Flaw’s” that is most interesting to an audience. Why? They see themselves and “Relate,” one is never “Bored” when confronted with “SELF-REALIZATION.”