Beware of: “EXPECTATION”



…It has a “Sucker Punch” ‘faster than a speeding bullet,’ ‘faster than a locomotive,’ ‘able to leap tall buildings in a single bound,’ and it’s ‘disguise’ is “Positive Thinking” “Day Dreaming” without “Physical Action.”

You want something, ‘plant the seed,’ then, “Plant a Tree,” “Work in your yard or someone else’s,” do something to “Benefit Nature,” etc., then, watch your “Dreams, Desires, Prayers” get answered.
For those Actors who were not ‘nominated’ this year, only means, your “Mental Expectations” exceeded your “Physical Action.” You want an “Oscar,” win the “Superbowl,” be the President” (of anything) etc., “Work for It.” You want to be the “Best,” Work Hard, you want to be the only one who does what you do, “WORK HARDER.”

I had a disappointment this week, didn’t get what I thought I deserved, and like any little ‘spoiled brat,’ I started, bitching, whining and moaning, throwing things, then I looked in the mirror, got disgusted with the jerk looking back at me, so, I went out and started working in my yard.

“Positive Thinking” only works when you get “knocked on your ass” and the first thought is…”there’s a good reason for this, maybe I deserved