“BLIND DATE” (Hands V’s Eyes)

Several times a week a “Busy Struggling Actor” goes on a “Blind Date” (Audition) and several times a week, most “FUCK it UP.” How? They “LIE.”

When I go on an Audition, I look forward to the time spent in the “Waiting Room,” there is where the “Action” is. As I watch the other Actors, I think to myself, “there has to be a more “Humane Way” to get employment, because as we Actors walk through those “Chamber Doors” to the unknown, the sincerity of the “Real Thing” turns into “GROVELING.”

An “Audition” is like a “Blind Date Encounter,” and like any first time “Encounter,” there is a sense of “Familiarity or Unfamiliarity.” that triggers “Energy,” (Positive or Negative) “Attitudes” with both parties. Therefore the ‘Encounter” plays out according to the “Energy,” of one’s “Internal Instincts.” If either one “GROVELS,” it’s over.

Back to the Audition:
Today unlike the days before “Tape Recording” and Computers,” Auditioning” meant a “Human Encounter,” when one could observe one’s “HANDS & EYES,” the “GOLD NUGGETS” of the “Human Body.” Today’s “Technology” has made it’s way into the “Auditioning Process,” it’s like “Panning for Gold” with a “Backhoe,” the “Gold Nuggets” lost in the “Heap.”

A Man’s Hands (Never Lie):
On a “Blind Date” one is usually the “Doer” (Hands) while the other a “Watcher” (Eyes). An Audition is no different, both are unaware in most cases, a Man’s “EYES,” his “BODY” and his “VOICE” can “LIE,” his “HANDS” never do, they are incapable of it. If you want to know who a “Man” really is, give him an “Activity” and watch his “HANDS.”

A Woman’s Eyes (Never Lie):
The “Tools” of the “Modern day Casting Process” has diminished this “Art,” as they ‘Speed” through their computer screen, missing the “Male Actor’s “Real Gold,” their “HANDS,” and the “Female Actor’s “Real Gold,” their “EYES.” What baffles me is, if it is a “Woman’s Instinct” to look at a “Man’s” hands, why then, when most “Casting Directors” are “Women,” this “Internal Instinct” is “Lost.”

“Men” and “Women” are equal in every “Earthly” way, but when it comes to “Internal Instincts,” Women are far more “Advanced” then Men, which makes them much more “Qualified” to select the “Human Factor,” but it is my opinion, they rely too much on their “Earthly Skills” rather than their “God given Gift,” their “Internal Instincts.”

But I blame this “New Breed of Directors,” not “Casting,” who are “Earthly Geniuses,” but unaware of how to use a Woman’s “Universal Genius,” for “Casting” Male and Female Actors, their “EYES” that never “LIE.”