Brando’s Hands vs The Talking Heads Actors:

If Facebook has proven anything (to me), it has proven, “everybody has a secret desire to be an Actor.” That innate instinct to “Showoff” (myself included), our VOCAL (opinions), our INTELLECT (knowledge), our PHYSICAL (photos), and our EMOTIONS (frustrations).

Now isn’t that Ironic, the V.I.P.E. are the four elements of “Human Behavior,” and likewise, they are the four “Talents and Limitations” of the Actor’s instrument.
The difference between those who are (actors) and those who aren’t YET is, “FEAR,” the “FEARLESS” and the “FEARFUL,” the “Hands” and “Eyes,” it is those two that reveal the “inner workings” of the V.I.P.E. that separate us from others,
wether an Actor or not.

Like “Samson’s” Hair (a lion’s mane or the long hair on a horse’s neck), “Brando’s Hands” were his “Acting Strength.” He was the first to use his “Hands” like an “Animal’s Paws,” lacking thumbs as ‘Human Precision Touch” when “Gently Pawing” at and holding objects and especially when he held and touched a woman.
The audience would be “intrigued and in awe” of his performances, never realizing, it was his ‘Hands” that captured their attention, like our “Pets” when they “gently” touch our face with their “Thumbless Paws.”

BUT, it wasn’t Brando who was the first to bring this to Acting, he may have been the first Male Actor, but, it was a “Female” who was the first who brought the “Animalistic Behavior” to the (silent) screen, it was “ELENORA DUSE,” the audience couldn’t hear words (talkies weren’t created yet) so she used her “Physical Behavior” to capture their attention.

So, all you “young and inexperienced” actors who are encouraged by the “morons” who are encouraging you to be “Talking Heads,” take a “Real Master Class” (I want to vomit when I hear that word), dig up some Elenora Duse’s and Brando’s films and watch their “HANDS.”

I think Facebook’s “Intention is to get Attention,” (the innate instinct of every Actor) and a “Natural Instinct” for anyone, not just Actors. Facebook took the “Fear of Confrontation” out of it, you can “express yourself freely” and not “Confront the Criticism” face to face. Unfortunately, ACTOR’S don’t have that luxury.

The anagram, VIPE was created by the late Acting Coach, Mr Sal Dano.