Alluring, Attractive, Enticing, Magnetic:


…has absolutely nothing to do with “PHYSICAL APPEARANCE,” Beauty cannot Enhance it, Aging cannot Destroy it. It Supersedes ‘Skill and Technique,’ Good or Bad,’ Right or wrong.’ It is not in the Body, the Body is in “IT.” And what is that… ‘IT?” “THE LONE RANGER,” I:E, “LIKABILITY & DANGER” simultaneously.

Where does it come from, what is it’s Seed? “PURITY,” things as they are, and the moment you think you will ‘Get Something’ from ‘Doing Something,’ you have lost “PURITY.”

It is there inside all of us, Lurking, Searching to reveal itself, while trying to escape the “Claws of the Ego.” ‘Today’ Stars are made, hence (“Ego,”), ‘Yesterday,’ they made Themselves.
When the “Ego” triumphs, you have a short lived “Movie Star,” when “PURITY” is Victorious, you have Stars who live on even after Death…

“RUDOLPH VALENTINO” was the first and has not been seen since (for the Actors who do not know who HE is, I suggest you find out “Real Fast”).