“Experience is the Mask of Innocence.”

Noah ben Shea



…fattens the pockets of “out of work actors” and fattens the “ego of frustrated parents (stage Moms). It does not make them Actors, it creates “little monsters.” The fastest way to destroy the Actor in a Child is to enroll them in an Acting Class by parents who know absolutely “Nothing” about the “World of an Actor,” if they did, they they would avoid it like it was exposing their child to the measles or some other plague.

There is nothing wrong with being a “Child Actor,” if that’s what the child wants. What the parent must understand is, being an Actor doesn’t require “One Talent,” it requires “Four”…Vocal–Intellect–Physical–Emotion. For the Actor, those four elements is where the “Limitations” reside (“natural ability” should be left alone, even forgotten like it doesn’t exist). A child under the age of 18, the “Intellect and Emotion” has not been fully developed yet as far as being an Actor is concerned, for anything else, I don’t know, I’m not a Psychiatrist.

If the child is serious about being an Actor, enroll them into “Ballet,” male or female, it is the fastest and best way to develop the “Physical” and Vocal (diction) teachers, it develop’s the “Vocal” range, if they don’t agree to this (and most probably won’t), they don’t really want it and if that’s the case, they’ll get bored with it, like children do when something doesn’t really trigger their “Passion” for something. If it’s what the child and parent really want, the best thing to do is, spend your time and money on, getting them involved in live Theatre and Small Independent or Student Films. Get them used to working with professional Directors.

What a child brings to the Film Set or Stage is what the Director craves from both adult and child Actor, is “INNOCENCE,” it is that ‘Virgin Clay” that gave MichaelAngelo “DAVID.”

Children don’t need to learn how to play or improvise, they do it naturally. For the child to learn how to be an Actor, they must work with adult actors and for adult Actors to learn “The Art of Acting,” they must study children and that child’s uncanny ability to be “THEMSELVES” And not “give a shit what anyone thinks.”
For the adult Actor to get the attention of another adult Actor in a scene is like “pulling teeth,” to get the attention of a child Actor in a scene is as “effortless” as tying your shoes, if that child maintains their “Innocence.” There is nothing less heartening than a little precocious child Actor on the set, acting like an adult. They don’t need their minds filled with “Acting Technique” trash. They will start hearing the “echo’s of other’s opinions,” opposed to the “echo’s of their own Instincts.”
I had to audition last week with two 10 year old child Actors, one made me smile at her “Impeccable Ability,” the other obviously inexperienced, “Broke my Heart,” at her reaction to my moment. She stole the scene right from “under my nose,” as they say. The Director was “Elated.” She made me look good, God love her. Thanks to her “I booked it.”