“What do you Want, and What are Willing to Do to Get it.”



…your sitting there watching the “Academy Awards,” silently masking an agony that is almost unbearable, you sit in your car after an audition holding back tears, pounding the steering wheel…”if only, why didn’t I think of IT then….FUCK, FUCK, FUCK,” I HAD IT!!!”

NO you didn’t have “IT,” you had the “Key,” you just didn’t know how to use it. You were too busy showing off your “fancy footwork” (technique), Like having the car of your dreams and wondering why it doesn’t move, it’s not moving because you are unaware that, it doesn’t have any “Pistons.”

Show me a “Working Actor” or “Movie Star” who has NOT in some way or at any time, did not “Compromise,” and I’ll show you the biggest “Bullshitter” walking the face of the earth. If your an actor who goes on auditions, your are in the “belly of compromise
If you want to see “ass kissing” at it’s best, go to a C.D. workshop, the epitome of “Compromise.” being an actor is like “a horny guy who hasn’t been laid in six months, they’ll sell their soul.

“Compromise” is a “Key,” if you don’t know how to use the “IT,” the doors will stay locked. Is, “NOT Compromising,” Stubbornness or Stupidity? Compromising is NOT weakness, a yellow streak down the Artists’ back, as long as you have Confidence in “YOU,” and YOU don’t “give a shit what other’s think of you.

If your a “Need to Please” person or you are “oozing” with “Compassion,” acting is not for you, you have to be a “Selfish Prick,” even to your family. Why do you think most “Movie Stars” are liberal and compassionate, their “Guilty,” and rightly so, it takes unusually “BIG Balls” to get where they are.
The “Gate Keepers” play dirty, they hit below the belt, “Compromise” is their “Sucker Punch,” $$ is their target, but that’s their job and they do it well, “thank God” or Actor’s wouldn’t have the chance to do theirs. Other wise you can continue to pat yourself on the back and pound your chest…”I never “Compromise,” while the bill collectors are knocking on the door and the other actors are on the set.


In Hollywood, “Compromise” is the playing field, “Get in the Game.”