That phrase was coined in the “Sixties” by some Moron and like most of the “Long Haired, take our Self Serious wannabe’s,” I fell for it. I ask you, “What in the Hell” is wrong with being “Materialistic” as long as it bring’s one…”JOY.”

I read somewhere:

“Live for the fun of it, and die for the fun of it, nothing else really matters.

Play more, for the fun of it, love and make love more for the fun of it, nothing else really matters.

Do everything in life just for the fun of it, Nothing Else really
John Randolph Price

If one has a Character Trait of “Taking Themselves Serious,” one will never be “Taken Serious.” “One Foot in Two Worlds,” won’t work. But, Two feet firmly planted on the Earth and your Head pointed to the Stars,” just might work.
Yesterday a former acting student asked me if I was still teaching, “Nope, said I.” “Why not said he?” “Because I was no longer having “Fun,” I finally realized, I was taking myself Serious,” and I was no longer being “Taken Serious.”

There’s an old Zen saying…”When your Horse dies, get off,” I got off. Funny though, the moment I realized that, another young & fresh one started trotting towards me, hope these old legs of mine will allow me to Mount…”Just for the ‘Fun & Joy’ of it.”

“I believe in the existence of the material world as the expression of the spiritual…the laws of both are one.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson