“Effort in  Deep Practice results in Effortless Performance.”




…makes you “Swift and Graceful,” without realizing it, says Daniel Coyle, author of “The Talent Code.” Private coaching makes it possible to focus on “Mistakes and Failures,” It creates an “Ice Covered Hill,” creating an “Effort,” allowing you to Fail, Stop, then Begin again until you have worked through it as Mistakes and Failures slowly disappear.


Private Coaching should be No more, No less than “Thirty Minutes” at a time, but, Practice should be Hours of  “Stumbling and Stopping,” then Begin again, Repeating until “Mistakes and Failures” no longer exist.


Now Six minutes will equal Six months, Six months of “Deep Practice” will equal Six years Experience. The only other alternative is, being on a Professional film set, working with a Professional Director and Crew Daily. Since this is not possible for the beginner and most Actors, Private Coaching based on “Deep Practice” ends in the same result.


Teaching acting and Practicing acting will result in Mediocrity. The focus of the training should be exclusively on the two elements of the Actor’s instrument from where the acting originates from. That is: The Intellect and the Physical.

INTELLECT:  Mental Preparation, understanding the Theory, the Philosophy of the “Art of Acting.”

PHYSICAL:  Action, through Physical Movement, Lower Body (footwork), Upper Body activities).

Keeping in mind at all times, the “Five Commandments of of the Actor’s Craft:

Stillness, Simplicity, Subtlety, Silence, Secrecy.

“Training the Actor should no different than how you train an Athlete.”


The more Encountering and Overcoming difficulties, the more we learn. Train where you are Forced to “Slow Down.”