Want to Define “Greatness?” Here’s my thoughts:

Yesterday evening, in the snow and freezing cold, the underdog “Denver Broncos” beat the undefeated “New England Patriots,” and a “rookie understudy” quarterback beat the “best of the best” quarterbacks.

But what the thousands of fans will remember is, NOT the “rookie” on the sidelines “yelling and pounding” his chest, it’s that “Moment” that “Look” on that “Other Quarterback’s” face when his “Receiver” didn’t get up.

Now that “rookie” probably had a great time last night with his family, woke up this morning on “top of the world,” but what that “rookie” doesn’t realize (which I’m sure his veteran teammates do), all they did was “disturb” Genius, not beat it and God help him when he has to confront that “Genius” again.

“Greatness” is defined by the degree of a “Quiet Stillness” in the face of defeat and victory, “sucking it in,” “rookies and amateurs” release it, the “Greats” use it.
All “Great Athletes” have one thing in common,”Unawareness of their Genius,” defined by their “HUMILITY.”

And if the other “Genius” quarterback played last night, it wouldn’t have been “just a great game,” it would have been an “emotional experience” and “deep down,” no one would have “gave a shit” who won.