“SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS,” Liability or Asset for the Actor?

The Actor cannot have one foot in two worl
“DOING MORE” the following is a “SECRET,” please don’t tell anyone. (not just for actors)

“The Secret to Winning Auditions.”
and other things

Over stepping Bounds…to think by “Doing More,” one is doing better, is a “Common Blunder” in Auditions, Job Interviews, Try outs, etc. Trying too hard to impress makes it seem like one is covering up a deficiency, limitation, etc. “Doing More” than one is asked to do makes others suspicious.

Hold back “Ten Percent” on the first try, when asked to do it again, add the “Ten Percent.” Two things will happen, One, they will think the actor knows how to make an adjustment, hence, knows how to take “Direction,” Two, they will think it’s”Because of Them” the Actor, “Did it Right” on the second try. Hence, they “Get the Credit,” BUT, the Actor, “GET’S the JOB”

One should use their “Talent & Skills” to make the “Gatekeepers,” “Stars,” look good, this way they will “Want You” and want to “Keep you Around.” Never try to be “Good, Better or Best” than the others, “BE SMARTER.”

The most “Common Blunder” the struggling actor makes is, trying to “Out Do,” the other actors. There is only “One Engine” in a car, but many “Pistons & Spark plugs, “doing their job. The Directors and Producers already have their Stars, their looking for “Pistons & Spark Plugs,” (that’s the secret). In Network Television, (especially sitcoms), no one gives a shit how good the struggling actor is…”Make the Star Look Good.” In a lot of cases, this also applies to “Feature Films,” and “Cable.”

Back in the 50’s Bobby Darin was a crooner, jazz singer, etc. but his first hit record was a “Rock n Roll” tune called “Splish Splash, I was taken a bath.” That silly song “Opened all the Doors” for his real talent to emerge.

So, if you “Struggling Actors” want to start working, try “Splish Splashing” on your Auditions, drag your “Talent” kicking & screaming to the door and most of all “Leave your Ego” sitting on the curb, keeping it’s mouth shut.

This “Secret” goes back to “The King’s Court” and his “Courtiers,” especially Louis XIV and his “Musketeers.” The “Real King” was his confidant, “D’Artagnan.” Don’t believe it? Ask…President Elect, Donald Trump.

Winners win because they know “The Secret.”
People don’t change, just the “Shit” we “Wear and Use.”