For the Actor, the more they work “Professionally” the deeper they submerge into the “Core” of the business and the “challenges” become “greater and more frequent.” So, the phrase, “growing as an actor” is NOT the right message. it is only our bodies that grow, it is the “Self” that “Expands,” in order to meet those challenges.


“Expansion” comes from, Down Time, Inactivity, Falling back, Recoiling, in order to advance higher in the “Consciousness of Desires.” Things must Restrict, Pull Back, Coil, in order to “Spring Forward.”


Set Backs are Not Failures, they are “Holding Patterns” to launch what we ‘Imagine” as success. Failure is to “Accept” this period as a ‘Negative Force” and remain in lower “Consciousness.” These are the “Cycle’s of Life.” “Instincts” are the result of “Cyclic Impulses,” messages that nudge you forward in your Desires and Dreams.


When the Actor “wins that Audition,” it wasn’t because of Talent or Skill, it was because at that “Exact Moment,” their bodies disappeared and their “Instincts Expanded.” The odds for an Actor to ‘Book a Job” is Fifty to One, heighten the Awareness of the “Self,” NOT the body will “Lessen the Odds.”


Failure thrives on “Unforgivingness,” “forgiving yourself” is the first step in the “Journey to Illumination” and for those who have given up” on their dream “To be an Actor,” maybe it’s because they have given up on “Themselves.”


“Odds are merely ‘Bait,’ to lure out of us the ‘Unwillingness’ to Quit.”