“The importance of ‘LEARN/FORGET,’  is to Study Ourselves and to Forget about Ourselves.”

ENCOURAGEMENT (from Shunryu Suzuki):

For the Actor (or even non-actor), “Encouragement” is Necessary, but it is NOT Medicine.

“Discouragement” needs Medicine (encouragement) and sometimes the Medicine is good, but it is NOT food and should Not become the Actor’s or non-actor’s food. Sometimes, “Encouragement” makes us talk about ourselves and does not make us Forget about Ourselves.

This is “The Red Zone” for the Actor. To NOT Forget about Ourselves makes Ourselves more important than our work. In no other Profession is the “Tempting of the Ego” (ourselves) more Prevalent, than Acting.

For the Actor, to be “Unaware” of the Importance of “Right Practice.” “Encouragement” becomes a Hunger that cannot be Satisfied.


To LEARN, then Forget, To DO, then Forget, To FAIL, then Forget, To ACCOMPLISH, then Forget is the “Right Practice” for Succeeding in ANY Endeavor.