It was one’s “Consciousness in Action” when one did what they did,” One had no Choice,” that’s where they were in their “Consciousness” at the time. Therefore “Mistakes” do not exist, rendering “Guilt” as a useless preoccupation of “Looking Back” when one should be “Looking Up.”

John Randolph Price

I believe… “Looking Back” is a reality that “No Longer” exist, “Looking Forward” is a reality that “Does Not Yet” exist,”Looking Up” is the “Light” that illuminates our reality that “Does Now” exist.

“Consciousness of Wrong Actions” is what motivates “Unforgiving of one’s Self.” When one cannot first “Forgive one’s Self,” to “Forgive Others” will not exist in one’s “Consciousness.”

“Consciousness” is one’s “Inner-Life,” Looking up is one’s “Inner-Light,” therefore it is the “Presence” or the “Absence” of that “Light” that Attracts or Repels “Good or Evil.” “NOW” is the time to “Look Up” not “Back” or “Forward,” since neither exist, the “Light” cannot reach either one.

“Forgiveness” is the “Consciousness” that “Loosens the Grip” of “Evilness.” “Patience” is one’s “Armor” that “Evil” cannot penetrate.