…a fancy word for “doing the laundry” or “doing the dishes.” I make it a point sometimes to watch my wife do the laundry especially the ‘”folding the shirts and unmentionables” segment. I sit there in awe watching, as her fingers and hands move across those clothes like a “concert pianist” playing Beethoven’s 5th, and by the way, while she’s on the phone with her sisters, talking to me, watching soaps, etc.

Now when I try it, it becomes an event, every move is conscious, planned out during moment’s of anxiety, what goes where and when. But, on the other hand, when I do the dishes, (hate dishwashers) which by the way I enjoy doing, being a bartender for ten years, I don’t miss a beat, I move around that sink and cabinets like I’m conducting a symphony and I’m fast and accurate.

Why, I ask myself, is this possible in the “Real World,” but not in “The Killing Fields” of “Auditions.” There is one simple answer:

“FAMILIARITY” the Actor’s “Gold Nugget”

“Familiarity,” a word derived from “FAMILY,” where we are much more ourselves, much more free to express our “thoughts & feelings.” Where “criticism” runs rampant. But, we survive, we can give as much as we can take, were on “Familiar Turf,” where “Hurt Feelings” is no match for the one thing we should never bring to the “Strangers Turf,” the “EGO.” damage to the “Ego” is a long and vigorous healing process, for some, impossible.

“MASKING” the Actor’s “Slug”

“Masking” is the Ego’s armor, it’s shield, protection from the “Real World,” there it’s needed, in the “Nest of Familiarity” No, in the “Badlands” of Auditions, it should be reserved for the “Character” only. Because the “Auditioning Process” is not about “Acting, Talent, Skill, Characterization, etc. it’s about “A QUALITY,” that X-Factor, that Uniqueness, that emerges from the “SELF,” in those “Quiet Moments, those Pauses,” before, between and after the words.


Watching “Acting” is like listening to “Music,” you don’t care who the Musician is or what the Instrument it’s played on, if the “Right Notes” played are affecting you “Emotionally,” your “Captured.” It is NOT the “Outer World” of Effects, the Actor plays, it is the ‘Inner World” of Cause that “Springs Forth” that “Special Quality,” possessed by each and every Actor.

We are more “Free” when we allow our own “Unconscious Behavior” to “Crop Up.” This should be the focus of “Training & Practice,” emulating the “World of Familiarity” where, “What we Know Best,” and ‘What we do Often,” is the “Key” to “Revealing our own Unique Qualities” on Auditions.”