“STILLNESS” is how “ACTING” becomes “ART.”

Did you ever watch children “at play” in the schoolyard at recess?
…that’s “Theatre Acting.”

Did you ever watch someone at a party “bobbing” for apples?
…that’s “T.V. Acting.”

Did you ever watch a Deer in the forest the moment it is “aware” it has an audience?
…that’s “FILM ACTING.”

Unlike Theatre and T.V., in “FILM” you “Move the Audience” the “Actor Stay’s Put.”
When the actor chases the Audience, like the Deer, they take off and run.

When the Actor does “NOTHING,” like the Deer, the Audience begins to wonder…”What’s Next? “they can’t run, Why? That’s “NATURE,” and that “INSTINCT” is what all Animals and Humans share.

“FILM ACTING” does NOT require Acting, it “Demands” five things…”Stillness, Simplicity, Subtlety, Silence, Secrecy.

“FILM ACTING” is a “Painting” with “Movement” that is almost “Undetectable.”

“This is what is NOT being Taught, why you cannot “TEACH” Acting, like you can’t Teach “MUSIC,” only what they require, so they may “Express” themselves “Through” US.

“Don’t just Do Something, Stand there.”

…and to quote my “Acting Coach,” the late Mr Sal Dano…”that was too “Mucking Fuch.”
Stay calm, “Method Actors,” this is even “more” fun.