FLY HIGH and FALL HARD, the life of an Artist

“When a society loses, Prosperity, Peace, Freedom, Social Mobility, it is denied Greatness & Genius for, Education, Politics, Science and Art.”

… meaning, “Money and Markets” to support Art, “Stability” provided to seek “Artistic Philosophical” Progress, “Liberating Artists” from “State and Religious” control and allowing “Talented” poor people to enter the Arts.

This is why the city of Florence Italy (from 1440-1490) had the Greatest “Cluster and Outpouring” of Talent the World has ever known. Ironically, Florence in the 1400s wasn’t Prosperous, Peaceful or Free, it was recovering from a disastrous plague, was divided by vigorous fighting among powerful families, and was ruled by the church’s iron fist.

“The Talent Code”
Daniel Coyle


So, this only proves, “Honing a Skill” to achieve “Greatness”, allowing “Genius” to emerge doesn’t care WHO you are or Where your from, it only cares WHAT you Do and HOW often you Do it.
Unfortunately, America has chosen Not to follow Florence Italy’s “Courage’s Path,” instead it chose to be divided by the Weakness of “Political Correctness” & Affirmative Action,” it chose the Pursuit of “EQUALITY” over “QUALITY, and “HAPPINESS.”