The difference between the two is huge and is motivated by Culture, Race and Gender. The bridge between the two is the struggle that influences our behavior, it signals to ourselves and others who we are ‘Morally.’

I cannot speak for other Cultures, Races or genders, I am a white American male, half Sicilian and half Calabrese, which means I CANNOT forget (Sicilian) and I CAN forgive (Calabrese). I feel I am extremely lucky in that sense.

“FORGETTING” means, some-THING in your life had a negative effect on you to the extent you find it hard to disregard or put out of your mind.

“UNFORGIVING” means, some-ONE has had a negative impact on YOU to the point it is impossible to forgive. What bonds the two, determines our ‘Moral Compass.’

To “FORGET” is an impossible task, it is part of a reality that DID exist (the past), it is natural to NOT Forget and it is ‘Morally’ acceptable, it has NO side affects, it’s damage to Physical, Moral, Mental and Emotional health is ZERO.

To ” NOT FORGIVE” is the trigger to Physical, Mental and Moral disease. It’s damage is guaranteed, it is the ultimate “Silent Killer.”
To “FORGIVE” is nature’s healing power, it possible but not probable, it is part of a reality that does NOT yet exist. It is unnatural and humans are the the only living species on earth NOT capable of “Forgiveness.” To forgive or not to forgive is the measure of Moral and Emotional strength. Unforgiving is the soil from which Evil emerges. The misconception that ‘Forgiveness’ is ‘Weakness’ is the indication of Stupidity and is Ego motivated.

“FORGIVENESS” is like a windshield wiper on a rainy day, allowing Clarity of Thoughts to see in order to make “Right Choices,” it is a weapon that keeps your enemies within range and diminish’s the damage it may have on your health.

“FORGIVENESS” is NOT weakness, it is “COURAGE” that builds Character, Compassion and Unselfishness, it is the “Stuff of Sainthood” and it begins with “Family, Friends and Loved Ones.”