“Fruit” comes from “Within” the “Tree,” it is not put on the “Tree,” the “Tree” was born to “Give, not Take.”

“ACTORS” are like “FRUIT TREES,” within them is there own unique “Fruit.” If picked too early or too late will “Perish,” if “Gently “Touched or “Falls on it’s Own,” means it is “Ready to Give.” If “Yanked or Grabbed,” it withholds and will “Perish.”

“ACTORS” are “Born,” not made, they are meant to “Give” not “Take.” If they are permitted to “Give,” they will be “Useful” and “Enjoyed,” they are like the “Fruit,” guided by the “Law” of it’s Creator…”PATIENCE.”

“DIRECTING” and “TEACHING” are the “Planting of the Seed,” they are NOT the “Creator” of the “Tree.” Directing and Teaching is “Watching” and “Waiting,” “Taking,” not “Giving,” and Grabbing.” The Strength of the “Director and Teacher,” is revealed in their “PATIENCE” to “Plant” and “Resist their Temptation” to “Give, to Push, to Force,” that which is not “Ready to Give.”

The “Artist” in the American Actor is perishing, and it begins at the “AUDITION Process,” where “Grabbing and Giving” supersedes “Watching and Waiting,” where “PATIENCE” is not “TOLERATED.” Where the “Director in Waiting” is seeking an “Apple” but is presented a “Lemon.”

It is NOT the Actor’s fault, it is the “IMPATIENCE and Inexperience” of the “Givers and Grabbers,” that denies “Genius.” If the “Director” were to search on their own, the “Fallen and Unnoticed” Fruit, laying beneath the tree, at the “Moment” before the “Rotting Process” begins, there they will find the “Geniuses,” before “Nature” takes back what she “Gave.”

Directors should be “Farmers” not “Pickers,” they should “Plant and Take,” not “Give.” It is in their hands that the “Fruit” either “Gives and “Lives,” or “Falls and Rots.”

In short…if you “RESULT DIRECT” the Actor, put the “Fruit on the Tree,” the “Apple” and or the “Lemon” will, within seconds “PERISH.” It is the “Falling Fruit” just before it touches the ground, that is the “ESSENCE” of the “ART of ACTING” and it is at that “Exact Moment” the “DIRECTOR” should “GRAB.”