“What you do not believe, you do not appreciate, so, what you do not believe, you cannot ‘Value’…therefore, you cannot be “GRATEFUL” for what you do not ‘Value.’ “

When I write on Facebook, I do not think of it as “Posting,” I think of it as, “Sending my little foster children out to play.” So, I am very ‘Grateful’ to you for looking out for them as they ‘run and jump’ doing what nature intended. Facebook is their new playground and you the reader are their new guardians.

Now I know some of them can be ‘little pain in the asses, some even arrogant, some mindful, some passionate and compassionate, some humble, some bullies,’ and what ever value they have on you out there, I do not know. But what I am certain of, their “Values & Morals’ are of a very high standard.

Like my own children and (all) my grandchildren (even those I have not yet met), they came from and continue to reside in my heart and there they will remain.

Children I think our our ‘life’s lessons,’ they come through us, bringing with them a supreme innocence, that becomes slowly undone by the poisonous atmosphere of ignorance. My little foster children didn’t come through me, they came to me. So now you are welcome to one of them, some of them or all of them. “Patience & Trust” is all they require.

I write for the sole (or soul) purpose for it to be read. When I give a present, I expect nothing in return, ‘acceptance or rejection’ is not in my thoughts, there is no room for them, that ‘real estate’ has an exclusive tenant, Khalil Gibran’s quote…”To Give is Devine, To Withhold is to Perish.” (The Prophet).

My sincere “GRATITUDE” to my Family, Friends, fellow actors and to those I have not yet met for playing with my ‘little foster children.’
greg bach

P.S. I have not quite grown up yet so, I am going to continue to be one of those “little pain in the asses.”