Although the words Acting and Actor appear quite frequently in my posts mostly that is not what they are about, this one in particular. Metaphors are a very important tool for Directors in “story telling.”


“Movie Magic” means tainting non-fiction with fiction and vis versa. F.B. asks “What’s on your Mind,” in the slot for your posts. What’s on my mind is a very, very deep concern for our young children and grandchildren.

This is MY Metaphor:


“You are either a person who knocks on the door, or one who kicks it in.”
If you want to be an Actor, you must be one who, “kicks in” not “knocks on,” but, the “Greats” make noise, the “Gifted” do it silently. The “Greats” enter, the “Gifted” appear. The “Greats” we know from whence they came, the “gifted, we have no idea.

The “Greats” nibble, the “Gifted” are untamed beasts with unsatisfied hunger.
The “Greats” are residents of a zoo, the mediocre are house pets, the wannabe’s are “cuddly little gerbils” who permit the suits to control their hunger. It is the “Greats” we enjoy watching, but it is the “Gifted” who disturb us, make us look away with one eye, while the other is locked on them. Part of them has been kidnapped, violated.

The “Greats” have ‘Passion for Compassion,’ the “Gifted” have no mercy. When the Actor walks into an audition, the Suits must realize they are in the presence of a “wild hungry beast” with an unmerciful belief in their hunger. They got the message.
That’s the “Metaphor,” now the “Reality.”


Terrorists are NOT our threat, it is there “Unmerciful Belief” in the hunger. So it is their “Appetite” we must destroy, not their bodies (which they will immediately replace). We destroyed Bin Laden’s body, but the hunger remained and the “Appetite” got more intense.


We need “Gifted” leaders, not residents of zoo’s, house pets, etc., we need a “Michael Corleone” all we have are a bunch of little John Gotti’s, and at the helm is a “cuddly little likable gerbil.”

…We need a “Fucking BEAST.”

‘If I had to kill someone’s child to save MY child, I would do it, without mercy.”