“GUILT” Hate V’s Envy


“GUILT” Hate V’s Envy


“Self Sacrifice” is not a Virtue, it is a Sin, triggered by “Guilt” the “Mask of Loyalty” & the “Tool of Manipulation.”



Leaders are meant to assist the weak, they are meant to lead the strong, leaders never say what they’re thinking, they say what others are thinking, therefore they say what they mean, I dislike those who say what they’re thinking,” they are capable of “Lying” to please others.



I like those who say what I’m thinking, because they say what they “Mean,” therefore they are “Incapable” of “Lying” to me. One must be careful of who one Thinks they “Hate,” it just may be “Envy,” they may just “lack” those cancerous cells of “Needing to Please” others in order to be like, rendering them to “Lie” to “Themselves” first. They are not beneath “Lying” in order to be liked.



To “Rid One’s Self of Guilt,” is a “Spiritual Awakening,” the fundamental teaching, “To Thine Own Self be True.” It is a “Thought,”not a “Feeling,” it was “Planted” for the purpose of “Controlling Behavior,” to assure one is “Loyal” and “Dependent.” “Guilt” (a thought) blocks “Success” (a feeling), a “Feeling” that is Inherited, not Planted.



To “Succeed,” one must “Not Care” what others “Think,” only what one “Feels,” that “Subtle Nudging” of one’s own “Inner Instincts.”



Beware…”The Hypocrite,” they “Aim to Please,” not “Lead.”