“Blue Mountain Unmoved, White Cloud comes and goes.”
a ZEN expression

For the ACTOR, ON an AUDITION, “White Cloud” always trump’s “Blue Mountain.”

“EXPERIENCE” Act’s as a Defense, Protection, making one “Cautious, Unadventurous and Boring.”

“INEXPERIENCE” brings “Freshness,” it projects “Humility,” it makes one, “The REAL THING.” It attracts the “Ordinary,” the “Common,” it makes one “REACHABLE,” and the “Actor must be Reachable” in order to be “Real,” otherwise they will be merely “Watched & Admired,” they will be “Performing” not “Living.”

When the Actor’s “EXPERIENCE” Shadow’s their “INNOCENCE,” the “Actor and the Audience” become “Blue Mountain,” not “White Cloud,” both are “Unmoved.”

“Acting Awards” are NOT “Symbols of Excellence,” they are “Monetary Motivators,” they are the “Demise of INNOCENCE.”


FOOT NOTE: this is a perfect way to explain the “Contrast” between our “Two Candidates” running for “President (actor) of the United States.” (audience), one is “Reachable” to the “Average,” the “Ordinary,” the “Common,” (White Cloud) due to “INEXPERIENCE.” The other one, “Unreachable” (Blue Mountain), due to the “Absence of INNOCENCE.”