“HEY RAY…I NEVER WENT DOWN.”A ‘Bloody, Beaten’ Jake La Motta to Sugar Ray Robinson
“The Raging Bull”

The “Actor” has two choices, one of “Two Paths” they must choose, “The Path” that guides them to their “True Calling” (future, professional) or “The Path” that leads them back to the Life they left behind (past, amateur).

As the “Actor” grows older, like Non-Actors, they will begin to seek a life of “COMFORT & SAFE,” the “BATTLE” is over, the “TRIBE” is calling, back into the arms of the ‘Saboteurs,” “Come Die with Us.”

But for the “Actor” who chooses “The Path” of their “True Calling” the “BATTLE” is never over, the arms of “COMFORT & SAFE” are folded, the “WAR” is Never Ended, but that “Pungent Taste” of “STRUGGLE” becomes the ‘Sweet Taste of Success.”
“Like the above ‘Actor’ I find myself in the 12th and last round, I’m sitting on my stool, ‘Tired,’ ‘Bloody & Beaten,’ and I now have my ‘Two Choices,’ continue to sit in ‘COMFORT & SAFETY’ or drag my ‘Italian Ass’ back out there and face that ‘SON OF A BITCH.’ Then it dawns on me, looking at that ‘SON OF A BITCH’ with that ‘shit eat’n grin,’ still standing, I got the ‘One Thing’ he or she ‘Ain’t’ got, ‘AGE,’ but still RIPE’ & READY.”

If your one of my “Former Students” and your “Ass” is still sitting on the stool in “COMFORT & SAFETY,” pretending to be a “Pro,” get your Ass up, go face that “SON OF A BITCH” wipe that ‘Shit Eat’n Grin” off their face, I didn’t “Bust my Ass” for “Thirty Eight” years, giving you the “Bag of Tricks” to “Stay in All the Rounds” just to read on Facebook about your Screenplays, new “Stand By Careers,” how “Comfy & Cozy” you are, your a new ‘mommy or daddy, etc. etc. etc. I Train Actors to be “Actors” to be “BAD ASSES,” stay in the “Fight,” to Avoid those “Sucker Punches” the “Gatekeeper’s” only weapon. If you want to be an “Actor,” finish the “Last Round,” your so called “Opponents” have no idea the “Secrets” I gave you, but I guarantee the “Big Gun” Directors do. They are the only ones you need to impress.

If you want to be a “Working Actor,” you must “AUDITION,” Fight and Claw your way to the “DIRECTOR,” “FUCK” the “Gatekeepers,” they don’t know how “To Take a Punch,” just throw one.


“Excuse Me, I got another Round to Finish.”