…ever wonder who has it? Well I can tell you who “doesn’t have it,” it’s Not the Studio Heads, the Producers, the Agents, Lawyers, Casting Director, Acting Teachers, Technology (that’s what they make you think).

“THIS Power” is THEIR most important “Commodity,” without it, Live Theatre would vanish, Films/T.V. would be documentary’s, animation, reality T.V. and the news.

Who, Had It, Has It and will always Have It…”The ACTOR.” but, They are giving it away, squandering it in hopes of making a dream a reality. They are getting the “Wrong Orientation,” their minds being filled with “Rubbish,” what is that Rubbish? They are being led to believe the “Actor (the body) is more important than the Character,” denying the Character their “Ten Percent,” A Costume, A little Makeup and a Small prop. Result, Laziness, it’s much easier to be, “A Talking Head,” than “A Person of Interest.”

The “Audition” is where it all begins and where it can all end. They bring their lines (and phones) but leave the Character home. They take pictures of themselves and offer up their Souls in exchange for “A shot at Notoriety,” unaware “Substance” is in the Soul. In Hollywood “Notoriety Trumps Substance.”

That “Ten Percent” is how the Character clings to life, struggling for a breath of the “Actor’s Confidence.” Leave the Actor in the waiting room, let the Character “Duke it Out ” with the bullies, Actor’s accept being bullied, but the Character is a “Street Fighter,” they will have no problem “kicking them in the balls.” This is who I am, “So Fuck You!”

What FUN it can be, being an Actor, the shit you can get away with and the FUN begins with, “Not Giving a Shit what Others Think.”