“Building character is like ‘making bread,’ you have to mix it little by little, step by step and moderate temperature is needed. Bread is made from flour, how flour becomes ‘perfect bread,’ you make it over and over again,  until you become quite successful at it. if you lose the spirit of ‘Repetition,’ it will become very difficult.

The concern should not be, what flour is or what bread is, you should only be very ‘careful’, ‘observant’ and ‘alert’ when putting the dough in the oven, you should watch it carefully, once you know how the dough becomes bread, you will be ‘Enlightened’.”

Shunryu Suzuki



You should put your ‘Own’ dough in ‘Your’ oven, you alone should watch the dough becoming bread. Allow ‘no one’ to observe your dough becoming bread, if you do, your dough will not rise, it will drop when the “Eyes of Criticism” pierce it’s natural instinct to become it’s own bread.

The Actor’s own character is developed from the uniqueness of their own bread. If this does not happen, it is because they did not have the courage to ‘protect and guard’ their oven, afraid of the accusations of “Being Difficult,” not realizing the “accusers” were being “Difficult” because they were denied the permission to “peek in” in the oven, attempting to make the Actor’s dough their bread.

Uniqueness of one’s own character “Trumps” all else on the journey to become an Actor. There never was, there isn’t now and never will be another “Loaf of Bread” like yours. The real “Baker’s of Bread” make their dough with “Patience & Trust,” and they protect it with “Silence & Secrecy. Talent & Skill are not enough, they are just the the ingredients in the dough that make the bread, it is the “Body & Mind” that are the Centureons                       that bravely guard their own oven.