“HYPOCRISY rears it’s ugly head”


“HYPOCRISY, rears it’s ugly head.”


“ONE” is behaving in accordance to what we expect of “ONE.” The “OTHER ONE” is NOT behaving as we expect “ONE” to behave in accordance of OUR own “Belief System.” Therefore “Neither” is not doing what all of us Do or Have Done.



When “ONE” behaves as we expect, we like and reward them. When “ONE” does NOT behave as we think they should according to our own expectations, we become angry at them, and dismiss them (some even violent towards them).


Therefore, they are both behaving as each and everyone of us do with each other in our daily lives, especially with “Family, Friends & loved Ones.” So when you must make a decision (soon), look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Who’s in there allowing me to behave in this manner, will not let my “Own Instincts” to speak?” Ask yourself, what is this world I have created for myself that I “Cling to.”


“LIBERALISM & SOCIALISM” teaches us, “Clinging, Needing and Pleasing,” they are the Motivators of “GUILT,” do as I say and do as I do and you will be protected. If not, you will be abandoned and “Abandonment” to some means “Death.” But to most, it means “Freedom” to choose “ONE’S” own life and how “ONE” chooses to live their own Life.


How “ONE” behaves is defined by, what “ONE” has been taught or what “ONE” teaches themselves.

GOD gives us “A LIFE,” Mankind gives us “A Tribe,” Society gives us “Behavior,” Leaders should give us “Choices,” and not Anything we cannot give “Ourselves.” What we give ourselves is the “Desire to Work,” therefore we “Earn Self Esteem.” It is not given to us with empty promises that cannot be kept.


“CONCEPTION” starts Life and makes “NO” promises, except the “Instinct to Fight.”


“Actors,” if you want that “Life” you dream about, stop “Dreaming, Waiting & Asking,” and start “Fighting & Taking.”