I YAM wad I YAM Popeye

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“I YAM wad I YAM,”


I believe the best thing a “Mother” can do for her “Son,” is to allow him the “Freedom to Explore” the “One Thing” she loved about “His Father,” the “MALE SCOUNDREL” that attracts both “Men & Women.”



This is what allows the “GOODNESS” in a man to emerge. Sometimes the very thing Women hate in Men is the “Vessel” escorting his “ELEGANCE.” Men consider what Women expect of them, “WEAK,” therefore they “Mask” the very Quality that makes them in the “Eyes of Women” seem Strong. Asking a man to “Apologize” is like offering him “Poison,” he will resist without remorse, letting him know you understand his “Limitations,” will result in him “Perfecting” them, your “Reward” will be worth the effort.



The “Female” quality in a Man is what’s “Good” about him, if you “Rush It,” it remains “Raw,” unable to Digest, therefore, he will remain “All Male,” you will be denying what God intended, A “Woman’s Inner Instinct” to know what Men need and Women want. And what a man wants is to (Love one Woman for the Last Time in his Life and for a Woman, the First Time in her Life, from the Movie, Murphy’s Romance).