“CREATING is ‘Discovering’ the ‘Memory of the Potential’ in Something’ that does not yet Exist.” It is of the “Spiritual Realm.”

“INVENTING is ‘Discovering an ‘IDEA’ of Something.” It is of the “Temporal Realm.”
“TECHNOLOGY” comes from the “Evolution of the Mind,” a greater understanding that we have access to the “Universal Storehouse of Ideas.” It affords us to live our lives without “Limitations.” From Agriculture, Farming, Road Building, Hunting, etc. to “Scientific Discoveries” for “Easier & Faster” ways to ‘Live,” to “Work,” to “Communicate” and to “Invent.”

BUT is there a PRICE?

That depends on “Ancient Morality,” what is “Good,” also has within it, “Evil.” The Discovery of the “Potential of the Mind” makes us “Think Differently,” therefore we “Behave Differently.” We are “Inventing More” and “Creating Less.”

In the past years, “FILM MAKERS” didn’t know how to, or have the “Technology” to “Blow Up Buildings and Bridges, Crash Cars,” etc., so they relied on “Stories and People” and their “Struggle with “Good & Evil.”

‘INVENTING” makes Life “Easier & Faster,” it diminishes the “Struggle to Exist.”
“CREATING” on the other hand makes Life Fuller, makes Life a “Struggle” to “Slow Us, Show Us, Calm Us, Caution Us.” And nowhere is this more prevalent than in “MOVIES & TELEVISION.” To make the Casting of “ACTORS” more “Easier & Faster,” no longer being concerned with “Potential and Substance,” but the Assurance the “HUMAN FACTOR” can keep up with the “Technological Inventions” of “Faster Quantity” instead of “Slower Quality.”

BUT, I have been noticing lately, this “New Breed of Film Makers” today seem to be “Going Back,” relying more on using this “New Technology” to “CREATE,” not “INVENT,” asking Actors to do “LESS” not “MORE.” I think this “New Breed” Is Hungering more for “Simplicity,” to be “CREATORS,” but find themselves at the mercy of the “INVENTORS,” I predict though, because of this “New Breed” “Stories and People” are going to find their way back into the “MAGIC of MOVIES,” “Talent & Substance” always did and always will “Trump” Greed. “Struggle is Real” and will always Trump, “Faster & Easier.”
For this “New Breed of Film Makers,” “Technology” is just another tool, to make it “Easier & Faster” to bring to their Audience, the “REAL THING.”

Foot Note;

I know for some there will “Opinions and Complaints” that this is too long, not “Easier & Faster” to read, if so, it’s just another indication, “Reading Books” has been Trumped by “Technology” and “For Those,” the Film, “CASABLANCA” is “Boring.”