How in the Hell you “Going to do That?” When “Great Again” means different “Times” and different “Things” to different “Cultures.” For me (Italian Culture) means walking into someone’s home and smelling “Garlic & Coffee” not Fabreze & Comet. When Kitchens looked like Busy Restaurants not Magazines. Grapes and Walnuts on the table, not Bananas and Lemons. A pie or cake in the oven, something always boiling on the stove, the stove looked like something you ate from, not on.


Leaving the house with a couple of “Meatballs,” not a Honey Oat Bar. Go through “Alleys” to get to your “Aunts and Grandmother’s House,” where you never left on an empty stomach or empty handed, and you never “God Forbid” entered or left without kissing and hugging them, and Rushing out of your house to to “Stand on the “Corner” with absolutely nothing to do, waiting for “Your Boys” to show up.


How you gonna Make it Great Again, get rid of Isis, “Ain’t Gonna Happen, they’re like Mice, Ants & Roaches, once you let them in, they “Ain’t” leaving. Get rid of Texting, Political Correction, Affirmative Action, Entitlements, etc. “Ain’t Gonna happen.” Bring back Jobs where you work with your hands, not your fingers. Treat your “Kids” like they’re Kids, not your “Friends,” find their “iPhones “Up their Ass” if they pull it out at dinner or in a restaurant. I remember when my Cousins and I were kids, our Parents, Uncle & Aunts would play poker every Saturday night, they would throw all twenty of us in a room, close the door and warned us, “if you leave this room it better be because you can’t breathe.”


Of course I could go on and on and so could you, but that would take a book, so I’ll leave with a little bit of “Bragging. “Italians have many great qualities, some not so great, but one thing is certain, you’ll never “Leave their Home” on an Empty Stomach, Empty Handed and without getting “Hugged.”

Maybe America can be “Fixed Again,” become “Greater,” but no one will ever “Make it Great Again,” to do that, they’ll have to “Wake the Dead,” and that “Ain’t Gonna Happen.”