Like a unique “ITALIAN SAUCE,” the “Actor” needs “One Main Ingredient and a Backup…”

“ARROGANCE” (Garlic) & “EXPERIENCE” (Wine)

…with these two, your work will be like Nonna’s, from the “Heart” and “Guaranteed.”
I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a “Street Fight,” because the “Gatekeepers” in Hollywood are thirty times worse, they Fight Dirty and Fight to Win and could give a shit less who’s knee’s they buckle. they’re at your “Throat,” BUT, if they Want you, They’re at your “Feet.”

Remember, the “Actor” is their main Food Source, even though they make you think They are. On the “Audition” they won’t validate your parking, BUT, if they Want you, they’ll send a Limo for you. Once the Actor “gets the gig,” they will do everything but “Wipe your Ass” (some will even do that). It’s the Actor with the “Baseball Bat,” who does the “Knee Breaking.” So, on the “Audition,” bring a “Bat” not an iPhone.
I Love Actors, not because I’m an Actor but, because I was a Director for 35 years, “I Needed Actors like I Needed to Breathe.”

“The ‘ACTOR’ is the ‘DIRECTOR’S’ most important ‘Commodity’ and the ‘ACTOR’S’ most important ‘Commodity’ is THEMSELVES.”