Jeeby & the sucker punch


Jeeby & “The Sucker Punch

“The poisonous ‘activity of criticism’ silences the Creative Impulse.”

In 1953 I was 14 years old and I wanted desperately to be a boxer, so I saved up some money, bought a gym bag and a pair of trunks, didn’t tell anyone. I slept on the third floor and would tie a rope around the gym bag and lower it out the window, tell my Mother I was going down the corner.

The first day of my dream came, I lowered my bag out the window and made my way, sneaking down alleys to the Larimer Ave A.C. upstairs from an Italian restaurant. When I reached the top, I entered a world I could only imagine, a boxing ring, punching bags and the toughest looking S.O.B.’s you ever saw. I started to turn around and leave when this black guy started walking towards me, he had that beautiful ex-boxer face and a nose that looked like it took one too many, he looked like Jersey Joe Walcott. He had a smile on his face looking at this “tall skinny, pathetic looking kid who looked like he just walked into the eye of a tornado.”

He pointed to where I could change and told me, “when you come out, I’ll put you on a bag.” I did and he did and “thank God” after about two minutes (what seemed like two hours to me) he stopped me, pulled me aside and gave me the best advise I had ever gotten from anyone…”look kid, before you learn how to throw a punch, learn how to block one first.”

Not only did I learn how to block a punch, I learned how to block “A Sucker Punch,” and he taught me a real man never throws one.

Whether it’s a sucker punch in the real world (an act of God, health, romantic, etc.) or the acting world (others trying to sneak their own ideas & opinions into your choices), they can be deadly. In the acting world it silences ‘creative instincts,’ and ninety nine percent of the time they come from (some, not all) family, friends & loved ones and when they’re threw, “Casting” has a few that will guarantee to drop the actor to the canvas.

I had two dreams in my life and both had only one guarantee, I was going to get my ass kicked and that I did. I didn’t succeed as a boxer and maybe not so much as an actor, but thanks to JEEBY, what I got no son of bitch in this business with “A Sucker Punch” is going to finish the swing, why and how? “Stillness, Silence & a Smile.”

There is only one reason an actor with a heart never “makes it,” they never learned how to block a “Sucker Punch” and they never had a JEEBY in their young life.

“Thanks my Friend,” (R.I.P.)