“America will never be destroyed from the outside, if we falter and lose our Freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
Abraham Lincoln

“Likability AND Danger”

The key word here is, AND, not OR, this is what it takes to be a Leading Man and Leading Lady. This is the Key ingredient when casting the leads in a movie (love story).

…and this is what’s going to take to cast (elect) the next Leader of the Free World. This is innate, you can’t learn it, you either have it or you don’t. The only way to Spot it in an Actor or Politician is by “Watching” them, their Physical Nuances that reveal “Who and What” they are within. Their “Humility and Sincerity” is revealed by their Physical Movements, the Less they Move, the more Truth is expressed.

You cannot discover this by Listening to them, Watch them. Experience and Education is not innate, it CAN be learned. Like an inexperienced Actor on their first film set where time is the enemy, they Grasp and Learn through the “Sense of Urgency,” so it is with Politicians running for office, the “CORE” is the same, it’s the job that is the difference.

Come November 2016, we will all be Directors casting our next Leading Man or Leading Lady. Life is a “Love Story,” for us and our Ally’s Love Story is “Freedom” for our Children and Grandchildren and their Children. So, in the next Casting Sessions (debates), no matter what “side of the aisle,” Watch them and Watch them closely, forget the party they represent, as long as they represent what we and our young men and women are willing and have died for…”FREEDOM.”

The only important thing about what they’re saying is the way they’re saying it, they are all saying the same thing, just using different words, so be careful of words, they are ninety percent masking, the Physical body, the unconscious behavior never lies.

Foregive me, I relate everything to the Movies, and right now we are in the biggest “Epic” of our lives.

Abraham Lincoln was the epitome of “Noisy Likability “and a “Quiet Danger.” “We need another Leading Man or Leading Lady with his Qualities.