“The quality of a person’s worth is not measured in ‘Size or Accomplishments,’ it is the inner bigness, the realization…’I have more to learn’. ”

“Any journey should begin with…’I KNOW NOT’.”
( Zen mind), Beginner’s mind)
Shunryu Suzuki


If you want to start a riot or take your life in your hands, mention that word in an ‘Acting Class.’ As a Director, for me, it is my most vital tool when I’m casting actors. I could care less about ‘good acting,’ how fast lines are learned (off book), emoting, technique, etc. When I’m interviewing actors (I seldom audition them), ‘I’m panning for gold.” And where do you find those ‘Nuggets’? In the mud, the muck, unkempt hillsides, buried deep, at times, under rocks.

Some times I would sit out in the lobby with the hopefuls (God love e’m), I would have my assistant read them, I’m out there with my ‘pick & shovel’ digging and searching for ‘The Real Thing,” and it’s not in what they CAN do, It’s in what they CAN’T do is where I find my ‘canvas, my paint, my bricks, my lumber’ etc. My advise to actors is…”bring me your limitations and I’ll help you perfect them.”

Why do I feel ‘Limitations’ are the Director’s gold? “Because they’re like virgins, protected and very seldom used, they are boundless, humble and ooze humility.”