“The Actor cannot have One Foot in Two Worlds.” They’re either Lying or telling the Truth.

“Truth in Life is necessary, in Art it’s Boring.”

Tell an “Attractive Person” they’re “Unattractive” and you’ll get they’re “Attention.”

Tell an “Unattractive Person” they’re “Attractive” and you’ll get they’re “Attention.”

Tell an “Attractive Person” they’re “Attractive” and they’ll “Yawn.” “Boring.”
A young “Attractive” (and boring) student came over to me one night in class and very humbly asked me…”what does it take to be a really good actor?”

I very humbly asked her…”did you ever “Lie?”

“OH NO,” I never, never Lie,” was her response.

“Then find something else to do with your life, this business is not for you,” was my response. “She came Alive.”

“Grow up, Act your age, your too emotional, Stop lying, Don’t pretend,” these are the “Poisonous Darts” that are still “sticking in the ass” of the “amateur wannabe actors, pull them out and maybe, just maybe, they’ll “Turn Pro.”

You “wannabe” an Actor, learn to “Lie, Pretend,” this is the “Tool Kit” of Children. If you “Grow Up” you’ll grow out of the skin of the actor. After all, Movies lie to us, that’s why we go, who in the hell wants “Reality,” we get enough of that shit at home and at work.

But the trick for the “Filmmakers” is to “Turn the Lie into reality without getting Real.” Hence, “Reality T.V.” Your being lied to folks and you love it.
The “Sole (Soul) Purpose” of the Actor is to, “Lure the Camera” towards “Them,” no matter what the cost, you wannabe an Actor, get the “Tool Kit,” Children have an uncanny ability to “Get our Attention.” You wannabe an Actor, it’s gonna cost you and I don’t mean $$. It might cost you your “Soul.”

Is this the Truth or am I Lying? Guess you’ll never know, huh.