Greatness will be far reaching if “Avoiding Mistakes” takes precedent over  “Making Mistakes.” Training for any endeavor must first begin with Mental: “Deliberate Practice” and Physical: “Deep Practice.”  Bringing the Physical Instrument to the “Edge of it’s Endurance and Abilities,” and “Flushing Out the Mucky Contents cluttering the Mind,” by bringing in New Philosophical information pertaining to your specific Endeavor.


The Actor like an Athlete is a “Biological System” not a computer, Hardware  is a Limit, cannot Construct or Reconstruct itself, the “Mental and Physical” can. It all rests in “Learning to Swim in the depths of the ocean,”  not floating around in a swimming pool. Test your own Mental and Physical Endurance, don’t rely on others to do it for you, it is you and you alone who “Achieve Greatness,” through your own Practice.


Most have become Geniuses at Mediocrity because that’s how they think. Practice to the Mediocre means Work and that’s what they try to avoid, they are only aware of “Hard Work,” not “Deep and Deliberate Practice.” Doing it is Practicing it, but doing it with “Deep and Deliberate Practice” is acquiring a Skill.


This works for Actors, because Acting is a Physical Skill, whatever we practice Physically we build a Skill at. Also, for the Actor, Unnecessary Movement becomes a Skill (habit) as well and it doesn’t work in front of what the Camera transfer’s the Screen. Therefor “Stillness” and doing “Nothing” should be the Prelude to the Actor’s  “Deep and Deliberate” Training.


“Deep and Deliberate” Practice works better in the state of “Primal Urgency,”  “Attentive, Hungry, Desperate (to learn only), and Focused.” And it doesn’t matter Who you are, only What you do. Understanding this takes the Mystery out of Practice, it makes Practice more “Fun and Precise.” “Struggling” is the Key,


“Struggling and Making Mistakes” is “Neurologically” required for learning any Skill.


Note: Some of the contents here are taken from the book:  “The Talent Code”  by Daniel Coyle