“MANKIND” exist in Two Worlds: “SECULAR & SPIRITUAL”
“SECULAR” (outer world) “SPIRITUAL” (inner world)

Most try to live with “One Foot in Both Worlds,” when one accepts both “SECULAR & SPIRITUAL,” one exists with Two Feet in “Both Worlds.”
We are (thanks to the outer world) rapidly beginning to forget how to live in “Both Worlds,” therefore we are beginning to live as the “OUTER WORLD” dictates, it is “POLITICALLY INCORRECT” to mention “GOD” and “PATRIOTISM” (inner world) in our “Anthems & Tributes.”

Accepting and Practicing “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS,” is “Slamming the Door on one’s “INNER WORLD,” on one’s “INNER INSTINCTS.” It opens the “Door to DICTATORSHIP,” Accusations of “Racism, Bigotry, Prejudice,” is the “Bait” leading to that “Door.”

We have and will continue to “Win the War” with our “Outer World Enemies,” but we are “Losing the War” with that “One Enemy” that is attacking our “INNER WORLD,” where our “True Freedom” exists…”OUR THOUGHTS.”
Ninety Five percent of All “MANKIND” is “Compassionate” towards all “RACES” and “ETHNICITIES,” unfortunately, it is that “Five Percent” of the “OUTER WORLD IGNORANT” that “SECULARISM” thrives on.

One should “Behave” according to their “INNER INSTINCTUAL WORLD,” not how the “OUTER WORLD’S IDEOLOGY” demands.

The “MASTERPIECES” of the World emerged from the Depths of a Geniuses’ “INNER WORLD,” (Spiritual), not from another one’s “Ideological Opinion.”

“We would not have the “SISTINE CHAPEL” if a “Genius” “Listened To” and did not “Take an Ax” to the “Secular Opinions” of a Pope.