There are two Latin words to describe, Male & Female. “Animus” (male) and “Anima” (female), a perfect balance of these is what “Nature” intends for all living things, of course for most humans, this is not possible and the “lack” of this “understanding” is what triggers, bias, prejudice, bigotry, racism, homophobia, separate but equal, etc. This misunderstanding of “Male & Female” also gave birth to “Political Correction.”


And so it is with “Negative Bonding,” the word “Negative” dominates this phrase, so it is assumed it is Not a “good thing,” when in fact it is the “life,” the “heart,” the “spine” of all relationships.


It means, when an “unforeseen tragedy” strikes a relationship, they bond even closer, it is the “Thread” that holds a “Family,” “Friendship” together.


Which brings me to a movie I watched with my wife last night, of course I “kicked & screamed,” fought it, but eventually gave in, after all I thought, I subjected her to numerous watchings of my Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood movies, I at least owed her this, ” I’ll nod off and she’ll never know.”


When it was over, I sat there (and didn’t nod off) stunned, said to myself, “I have never seen or will ever see a ‘performance’ of this ‘caliber’ in my lifetime, “ever again.”
This performance is equal to an Opera Singer exceeding the 5th octave, an athlete exceeding human capabilities etc. Gals, drag your husbands and boyfriends to it, if they keep an “open mind” and put the “macho shit” aside, I guarantee, when they walk out of the theater, they will be better men and have a better understanding of what it takes to truly ‘”love and commit” to someone. Hey I did it and I’m a “John Wayne” kind of audience.


Eddie Redmayne’s performance in “THE DANISH GIRL.”

(all the performances included)