Want to give your children a “Real Gift” for Christmas, one that will last them a lifetime and a lasting relationship, teach them the “True Meaning” of:


…is when an unseen “Negative Circumstance” happens, the “Bonding” becomes even greater. Even a “SUCCESS” or a “Positive Circumstance” is tested by “Negative Bonding” (Hollywood is a perfect example for testing “IT”).


It is “Negative Bonding” that defines a true relationship, it is the “Spine” that supports “Real Love.” Marriage is a “crap shoot”, “Negative Bonding” is the payoff. It is also a “Mother’s (female) natural instinct” for her Family, some Fathers (male) have to learn it, if he doesn’t he and he alone will “crap out.” so it’s “snake eyes pal, learn it, we’re only young and independent for a short while. I learned it, this time, on the first roll, “I threw a “7.”

Time means aging and aging mean’s “change,” and “change” is also defined by “Negative Bonding,” governed by “Nature,” if change is forced or unnatural, disaster is imminent.
It is what “Immigrants” bring with them “Negative Bonding” is their “Hope” that drives them, unfortunately for them, like a lot of Parents, the “Bleeding Hearts” have no idea what “Negative Bonding” IS, let alone WHAT it means. That danger of “not knowing,” is what creates and causes the Enabling.”

The “Real Wealth” in a family is “Negative Bonding,” make an “example” and it will be the best gift you will ever give your children, they hate lectures and advise, “What they see, is What they will Hear.”

“The best thing a Father can do for his children, is “Love” their Mother.”
Dennis Prager

“Yes, even in divorce situations, if you understand the meaning of it. There is no negative force or disaster or our enemies that can survive “Negative Bonding.”